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Hi, I’m Niall, I’m a master of capturing the most cherished moments in life’s grandest celebrations. I have an innate talent & passion for immortalizing the essence of weddings, I’m a wedding videographer par excellence!

In the realm of wedding storytelling, I aim to be a true magician. Armed with my camera, drone, and creative vision, I have a extraordinary knack for weaving together the delicate threads of emotions, laughter, and tears to craft a mesmerizing narrative that echoes the love story of each couple I work with. Every frame captured is not just an image, but a chapter in a story waiting to be told.

What truly sets me apart is my ability to blend into the background, capturing the raw and genuine moments while remaining as unobtrusive as a whispering breeze. With a friendly demeanor that sets everyone at ease, I will effortlessly become a part of the day, allowing the magic to unfold naturally while working my cinematic magic behind the scenes.

But it doesn’t stop there, I’m driven by an unwavering eagerness to please. I understand that each wedding is unique, and I will go above and beyond to understand the couple’s vision, desires, and preferences. This dedication translates into a final product that not only encapsulates the event but also fulfills every hope and dream that the couple had for their wedding memories.

So, if you are looking for a wedding videographer who can catch the heart and soul of your special day while remaining discreet, friendly, and committed to exceeding your expectations, look no further. 
With me behind the camera, your wedding story is destined to become a timeless masterpiece that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

7 Reasons to choose a professional wedding videographer for your special day

  1. Quality and Expertise:
    Professional wedding videographers have the experience and skills to capture your wedding day beautifully. We are trained in using high-quality equipment, cameras, and editing software to create cinematic and visually appealing videos. Our expertise allows us to handle different lighting conditions, angles, and settings to produce stunning results.

  2. Storytelling:
    Professional Irish Wedding videographers understand the art of storytelling. We know how to capture the emotions, moments, and details that make your wedding unique and memorable. We can create a narrative that unfolds throughout the video, capturing the essence of your love story and the emotions felt on your wedding day.

  3. Professional Equipment:
    Professional videographers invest in high-quality cameras, lenses, stabilizers, audio equipment & drones to ensure the best possible video quality. We also have backup equipment in case of any technical issues. Using professional-grade equipment enhances the overall visual and audio quality of your wedding video.

  4. Experience and Adaptability:
    Professional videographers have experience working in various wedding scenarios and can adapt to different situations. We know how to navigate crowded venues, manage challenging lighting conditions, and capture important moments without being intrusive. My experience allows me to anticipate and react quickly to capture unexpected moments and emotions.

  5. Post-Production Expertise:
    Professional wedding videographers not only capture footage but also have the skills to edit and enhance the final video. I can add music, transitions, effects, and color grading to create a polished and cohesive wedding video. My editing expertise ensures that the final product reflects your vision and exceeds your expectations.

  6. Lasting Memories:
    Your wedding video will be a cherished keepsake that you can watch and share with loved ones for years to come. Professional videographers know how to create a captivating video that brings back the emotions and memories of your wedding day. Having a professional capture these moments ensures that you have a high-quality video that can be enjoyed for generations.

  7. Remember:
    Choosing a professional wedding videographer is a personal decision, and it’s important to review their portfolio, read reviews, and meet with them to discuss your vision and expectations.

What my Clients say

Anna Lentz
Anna Lentz
Niall is amazing! His attention to the details of the day are unmatched and we’re so happy with the result. We’re so grateful to have went with Niall and highly recommend him to anyone getting married.
L Carroll
L Carroll
Niall was so fantastic on the day of our wedding and we love the suite of videos we received. Cannot recommend him enough!
Claire Phelan
Claire Phelan
We had Niall do our wedding video recently and we have nothing but good things to say! From our first contact with Niall we knew he was right for us. Niall was great craic on the morning and made everyone feel at ease. He was also amazing at blending into the background and at times we didn’t remember he was even there! After the wedding we wee kept in the loop via email as to a timeline for our video and having just watched our wedding video we cannot recommend Niall enough! Thank you so much Niall for everything! Claire and Richie
Niamh M
Niamh M
Niall was recommended to us by our wedding photographer and I can see why, he is an absolute gent, really laid back, was great fun on the day and the work he created was exactly what we wanted, he captured the day so perfectly and the quality of his work is excellent, would highly recommend him to anyone!
Karen Bennett
Karen Bennett
Niall was amazing on our wedding day. You really didn’t even know he was there. From the morning to the first dance, he captured all the beautiful moments between friends and family. Our wedding video wasn’t just about us but our guests that came to celebrate our wedding. Blown away by our wedding videos and shed a lot of happy tears watching them back. Thank you Niall. Highly recommended.
Ruth O'Hara Fay
Ruth O’Hara Fay
Picking your wedding videographer is a daunting decision, but from the first contact with Niall there was a super chilled and friendly vibe that I felt we would click with. Add that to some amazing sample videos online we felt we were on to a winner. We were one of the hundreds of couples who rescheduled due to COVID and Niall was so understanding and accommodating. Fast forward to the actual wedding, and despite only meeting for the first time on the morning Niall had us all at ease straight away. He managed the perfect balance of being seemingly invisible but appearing and being a calming and reassuring presence at just the right times! This week we have received our wedding video and it is just amazing. Niall captured some of the most fleeting moments that I’m sure many would miss, but it was like he knew what was going to happen before it did. We never felt the camera was in our face, but he was close enough to capture those key moments in detail. Niall, thank you for being part of our day and creating the most amazing video to allow us relive it all over again! Ruth & Gerry
Chloe Ann Fagan
Chloe Ann Fagan
We would really recommend Niall for your big day. Honestly we had the best craic with him, and he felt more like a guest than anything, so we were at complete ease with him… forgot the camera was around at times. We’ve got great final videos, with our short video really capturing the fun party of a wedding we had. Niall was great to deal with. Communicated loads before and after the wedding to make sure everything was as expected… except he went above what we expected!! Niall you’re a gem, and if we renew the vows we’ll give you a shout !! Alan and Chloe
Ms. Delahunty
Ms. Delahunty
Where do I start with will not find a supplier who cares more about your day and capturing your most beautiful moments. It’s obvious from the get-go that Niall loves what he does. You will genuinely feel like he is as excited about your day and your memories as you are!! (And he really is!) He is always at the other end of the phone and keeps in contact every step of the way- professional, prompt and flexible. He made every effort to ensure our video reflects us as a couple and really told the story of our day, while putting his professional touch and amazing attention to detail on our video. The highlights reel really captured the most beautiful moments. Choosing Niall is one of the best decisions you’ll make, and he will treat your memories with such love and care. I cannot thank him enough for our amazing video!
Rob Finnigan
Rob Finnigan
Niall’s work is absolutely amazing. He shot our wedding video in November 2019.He was amazing throughout the day … very friendly ,funny but most importantly professional….. worked very well with the photographer and captured everything we could possibly of asked for,It was as though he was invisible. He also created a 30 second teaser video and a 4 minute video which were brilliant..The music choices were phenomenal and completely match the type of music myself and my wife enjoy..Id highly recommend anyone getting married to strongly consider Niall… you won’t regret it
Martin Brabazon
Martin Brabazon
No better way to start Wow. Me and my wife Linda recently had the pleasure of haveing Niall film our wedding. Well I’ll start it off by saying he is one of the most genuinely nice guys you would ever meet, he was full of the laughs during the whole process which made us very comfortable…. Nothing was a problem for Niall and was great in direction for us both on the day, but you would of hardly knows he was there. On to the film he really captured the essence of our day, it wasn’t all stand and record and a big camera in your face and an annoying light in your face too as I said would of hardly known he was there. We couldn’t have ask for a better videographer, and was such a big part of our day. So yes I’d highly recommend Niall Mulligan if you don’t your losing out, again Niall from me and Linda thank you so much man.

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