Irish American or American Irish?

It’s irrelevant really because when you think about this union, it’s actually quite remarkable. Ireland has been thoroughly outstanding in our acceptance of same sex marriage amongst others lately. This post isn’t a politics course but the fact that a country so reliant on a religion is now acceptive of everything that they were bred to discourage is everything to be proud of. What’s even more remarkable is a lady born and bred on the Island of Ireland went to the US and found her happy ever after. I film people from the US and the UK all the time so it’s not uncommon but I always find it somewhat remarkable that your soul-mate is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and you find them!

The excitement!

I get emails all the time but the excitement from Brittany was evident in her very first email to me. Seriously! It was actually infectious how happy this girl was to be marrying her love and looking for me to film it. That spilled totally over onto the day too and their happiness was present for all to sense. Think about this a bit. The culture shock of going from any American city to County Louth has to be quite big but Brittany, her family and her guests took to the day like ducks to water.


Below is a snapshot of these two beautiful ladies celebrating their love with their family and friends in the beautiful grounds of Darver Castle.


Enjoy! 🙂