The How!

Generally speaking, as you watch how a day unfolds you can foresee the edit in your head. That’s the truth. I am watching everything as I capture it and I have a fair idea of how I will tell the story. Weddings are always romantic and they are always special and they are always fun but I have never in my life seen a best man intro like I saw for this one. Whilst the guests were unexpected of what was happening, I knew exactly how I would be starting this wedding video.

The Who?

Eoin and Ellen met through Ellen’s brother some time back. Their courtship started and with it came college, work, a home and eventually marriage. Their youth is evident but one thing that I hope time never takes from them are their smiles. This video is a smiler. I defy anybody who watches it not to smile. Even if you don’t know them, try not to smile! You can’t!

The Where?

It all kicked off in the beautiful Star of the sea church just outside of Mornington. The ceremony was held by the fantastic Fr John McAlinden. It’s not often that you will find a priest so forgiving for the groom trying to steal a quick “smoochy” (grooms words) before the vows.

The Craic!

The celebrations didn’t stop there though. Our venue was the beautiful Bellingham Castle, (check this place out!) local to me and one of my favourites. Not because it’s so close to home but because everything just works. Patrick and his staff are top class. Nothing is too much for them and problems don’t come into their vocabulary. From the stunning grounds to the well restored and maintained interior right down to the amazing food cooked up by their talented chef. A wedding in Bellingham Castle is executed with pinpoint accuracy.


Here is the main highlights of the day and is the polar opposite of the insta edit. It’s fun fun fun which is a very fair description and outline of what the day actually was. Fun!





Of course and as always no day would be complete without the input of the amazing suppliers.

Makeup – MRS Makeup

Hair – Red Door Hair

Band – Electric Avenue