Irish Wedding Videos FAQs

I’m Niall Mulligan. I’ve woven together countless tales of romance and celebration over the past ten year and thouroughly enjoyed doing so!

Through the lens of my cameras, weddings become more than just events – they transform into enchanting narratives that unfold with every frame. With each carefully composed shot, I craft a visual symphony that captures the genuine emotions, heartfelt exchanges, and the essence of the day.

One of my strongest talents lies in my ability to blend seamlessly into the background. Much like a silent observer, I ensure that every candid smile, shared glance, and tender moment is captured without intrusion. This skill allows me to catch the authenticity of the day, preserving fleeting moments that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Yes. I always welcome ideas and suggestions from couples regarding the making of their wedding films.  Sometimes, what seems like a good idea initially, may not work out and other times it adds to the magic!

Taking all of the variables of a wedding day into account, having the advice of a professional with experience is highly valuable to couples.

While I can’t hold provisional bookings, I’ll certainly try my best to try and accommodate you.

The payment of a booking deposit and the submission of a booking form,  will secure your date as a confirmed booking.

Yes, filming of the bride’s and/or groom’s preparations is included. I can film both preparations if the bride and groom are close enough to one another, otherwise, taking distance and time into account it may not be possible to do both. Many couples opt to just have the bride’s preparations captured, beginning about 90 mins prior to the ceremony start time. A lot of couples get ready at a hotel, which makes it easy to go from room to room and shoot all the preparations & the getting ready.

We can discuss and figure out a plan that suits everyone.

Of course! I’m always open to your ideas and ideally, your personality and style as a couple will be evident in the music choice. I may ask you for a few specific ideas and ultimately match individual songs where they fit best into the pace of your wedding day video; however for your shorter films such as highlights and teasers, I do retain creative control to best match the tempo of the footage that I have.

Each wedding is unique! some have longer ceremonies but shorter speeches and some have shorter ceremonies but longer speeches – each event is different.
The duration is not what matters most when we do the editing, rather, it is how the story can be told best.

My goal is to make your film in a way that reflects you as a couple and for you to be proud when you show it to family and friends and watch it back yourselves over the years.

I’m happy to travel all over Ireland. I try my best to keep these costs as low as possible. The acutal cost depends on where your wedding is and how much travel it wil involve. I’m based in Dundalk, if the venue is within 120 kilometres there is generally no extra charge. Any further than that and there may charge for the travel expenses and even in some far away cases accommodation. 

6 – 8 weeks. However, it may take longer to receive your edits depending on the time of year and complexity of editing, or due to unforeseen delays that are beyond my control. Editing is a very involved and creative process and it is constantly evolving. I do appreciate your patience while I craft your wedding footage into a beautiful wedding film that you will have and cherish for the rest of your lives.

I can do lots of different styles. Show me an example of a style you would like i.e. Vintage look, black and white or maybe glossy – and I can make it all happen!