Meeting my couples before, isn’t something new to me. I’ve shot numerous couples who I’ve met at other weddings. I’ve shot weddings for families and for friends. This one is a little bit different though. In fact, it’s really different. I first met Derek in a job we both worked in an office block towering over West Dublin. Derek soon met Sinead in the very same place and we all lived happily ever after. It became very evident, very quickly though that Derek and Sinead shared something very special. The office rumours started and so began the “Are they?” “Aren’t they” whispers……. Yours truly however was a little bit more direct in the questioning but that’s a different story.

So life moved on and we all went our separate ways keeping in contact through Social Media and the occasional and very infrequent social gathering. Not for Derek and Sinead though. They went on to tour the world together and whilst doing that, fall further and further in love with each other eventually returning to Ireland and getting engaged.

So when I was asked if I’d film their wedding video for them, to say I was blown away is an understatement. I’d literally seen their relationship develop from morning coffees (well over the 15 minute mark) to an engagement. This was one request I could not refuse.

I met Sinead on the morning of her wedding at her mothers front door and it was as if I had only seen her last week. She looked as beautiful as ever and was as cool as always. The perfect bride in every way. Relaxed and enjoying the goings on of their special day. The same again when I met Derek. Cool, calm and collect and no hint of nerves. He was marrying his soul mate, nerves had no place here. What follows is clear to see below. This film is with the exception of some minior guidance unposed. Completely natural and candid which is wholly remarkable considering that there’s numerous frames of Derek unknowingly gazing at his new wife and vice versa.

Set in the grounds of the Millhouse in Slane, this wedding was the perfect fit for the perfect couple with perfect guests to celebrate the day.



I can’t help but include the amazing suppliers on the day. They did SUCH a good job.

Hair Hairby Sarah

Venue The Millhouse Slane

Harpist @Grace_nally

An absolutely HUGE shout out to our Celebrant, Rev Karen Dempsey

Wedding Band The Bentley Boys