Why Co. Louth Makes a Stunning Backdrop for Wedding Videos

When I am not working, I am usually found rambling the hills of Cooley or exploring everything that County Louth has to offer. I’ll never fit everything that this brilliant county has to offer in this post – I’ll try to give you just enough to hopefully entice you to the land of legends. I also don’t want to make this a post just about the sights of Louth. I want to let everyone know the reason why County Louth is so special and makes such an amazing backdrop for stunning Irish Wedding Videos.

Everywhere you go, you will see the imposing views of The Cooley Mountains or on the western side of the M1 Slieve Gullion. Whilst most of the venues in my Top Wedding Venues in Co. Louth for Beautiful Wedding Videos have stunning grounds, there is a bit more out there in County Louth for your wedding video.

Carlingford is probably the first place that comes to mind and for good reason. You can go from a forest to a mountain and right to a pier with the Mourne Mountains or King John’s Castle in the background all within the space of five minutes.

A lesser-known gem in the Louth Crown is Castle Roche. While the story of Castle Roche is somewhat wedding-related, it may not be the happy ending you’re looking for.
I’ve yet to see a couple brave the walk to Castle Roche for their wedding photos but if your up for it, I’d be delighted!

Slieve Foye is the highest peak not only in the Cooley mountains but its the highest in Louth but don’t let that put you off, it’s only about 550 Metres high and a great way to walk off a Sunday lunch and clear the cobwebs – the majority of routes up and down take around 90mins and are suitable for most abilities.

Foye is home to Eagles Rock and of course, the EU-protected Leprechauns!

Hiking in the Coolies is one of my favorite things to do, the light up there is spectacular and the scenery is breathtaking – so far I’ve been unsuccessful in persuading Wedding couples to climb either Slieve Foye or Gullion to shoot what would undoubtedly be the most spectacular Irish Wedding Video of all time!